What Exactly IS Cast Metal?

The art of cast metal is greatly taken for granted in our society. Millions of products people use on a day to day basis are cast in foundries across the country. Casting allows us to transform metal into bespoke and everyday products at a cheaper price than manual labour.

The melting and pouring of metal can be achieved by using either ferrous (that contain iron) or non-ferrous metals (aluminium is commonly used in casting). While melting, temperatures of around 1400 degrees Celsius are reached, which is a great amount of heat.

As well as different metals, there are also different ways of melting down the metals. One way is to use an induction furnace, which relies on induction to melt and alloy a variety of metals. The other way of melting metals involves using an electric arc furnace, which is commonly used for melting metal in batches. For more information on casting, visit the website of a professional casting company

Without casting metal, many important services would not be available, for example, Central Patternmaking, which is a company specialising in the creation of industry-standard tools, relies on cast iron to produce their quality products and services. If you are interested in seeing metal being used in the latest industry technology, visit their website.

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